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About us




The Company

Sound Source Audio was set up to provide a professional but friendly and accessible recording service for talented people. As the company grew we became involved in providing PA services for the shows we recorded. This led to contracts to install PA and projection facilities in churches and schools.
More recently our high quality sound processing and equipment has allowed us to restore and clean up cassette recordings from times past and present them on CD's.
We provide PA services to support smaller, amateur or school productions making sure all the voices and music are heard to best advantage.

Our Philosophy

SoundSource is a business and we have to cover our costs but our first priority is to enjoy working with our clients. 'Doing sound' can be very satisfying, whether it is transforming a school musical by delivering audible dialogue and an impressive music background,  rescuing an old noisy tape of an interview with a grandparent recalling times past or providing a flattering recording of a one off performance at a leavers concert.

Our philosophy is therfore to price ourselves to get the job and to allow organsiations who wouldn't normally be able to afford a professional sound system to benefit from our expertise and equipment. We see our clients as friends and supporters rather than as customers.



Mobile Recording and PA Service